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Early 60’s Ranch

We bought a fixer upper. To put it mildly.

Here’s the story – this house had been sitting vacant for at least a year and has been neglected for a number of years before that.

Talking to some of the neighbors, we found out that a couple form Louisiana lived in it for about 15 years. At some point they (had to?) return to Louisiana and rented the house out.  Renters lived in it for a number of years.  Apparently, the renters had a hard time getting the homeowners to do any repairs, including when the water heater and hvac started having trouble.  I believe the renters tried to purchase it at one point, but the homeowner asked for too much money.  We aren’t entirely sure of the timeline here, but the renters walked away and we believe the homeowner could not carry the property without the income. It went into foreclosure in the fall of 2016 and some flippers bought it in November.  Fast forward to March 2017.  The house is listed online, with 0 pictures and the description “Perfect with a little TLC.” We went to see it on a lark.  It was the number of beds/baths we were looking for, and was right on the edge of our outer limit for neighborhoods we were looking for. Based on the space, the price was pretty awesome.

I won’t go into the gory details of trying to purchase this house, suffice it to say the “owners” (flippers) we bought it from did not behave very professionally and dragged their feet every step of the process.  The amount of crazy bullshit we put up with to get this sad old house into our ownership was one for the record books (based on conversations with multiple real estate and mortgage folks).

We pretty much bought it as is.  We knew it needed some love the moment we walked in.  The hvac system looks like it might have been original to the house and was completely rusted out.  Based on the age of the house we thought we might have to rewire.  The kitchen and 3 full bathrooms were also mostly original to the house. There is evidence of a leak into the basement.  The water heater was rusted out of the bottom.  For some strange reason the dishwasher was installed directly beneath the kitchen sink. See pictures. There is a leak into the sunroom – mostly because of neglected gutters we hope.  A week before closing a giant tree fell in the front yard. And we said, bring it on!



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