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I’m Engaged! Now What?

we're engaged! now what?I’ve been photographing weddings and engagements for over 10 years now.  I’ve limited my educational efforts on helping you help me – I want to do a great job photographing your special day, so here’s what you should know about your photographers needs.  Etc etc..(That’s how I used to approach this.)

How lame of me.  Yeah, sure, there are tons of things to know about working with your photographer.  I have some info about that:

  1. make sure we have time scheduled for the group shots
  2. let us know if there is a videographer
  3. let us know your ‘must have’ shots, yada yada, etc…there are so many more….

But the photographer is a small part of the entire process.

I don’t know why it’s only now that I’ve realized, (or maybe just decided to take action towards) the overwhelming number of questions that run through a newly engaged couples’ minds once they’ve decided to pledge the rest of their lives to each other.

So, here are a few thoughts I’ve compiled over time.

We’re Engaged! What Do We Do Now?

1. Breathe

Enjoy the moment.  Take one or two weeks to reflect on your relationship, enjoy the attention being lavished on you! Enjoy your partner.  No need to jump into planning.

Why is it that people ask “How did he propose?” and “When’s the date?” in the same breath? That’s a tricky part here.  Family and friends want to know everything, immediately. Like you’ve snapped your fingers and have everything planned 24 hours after the engagement.  I think I’ll write another post specifically on dealing with annoying questions, but to start – Feel free to politely defer or give a vague answer like, “We’re considering a number of options…We’ll definitely let you know when we decide on something.”

2. Set Your Guest List and/or Decide on a Budget

When the dust settles and/or you start feeling that itch.  You know, the planning itch.  For me, it’s a constant humming in the back of my brain. 😀

Why deal with the guest list/budget first?

I lump the guest list and budget together.  One comes before the other, but whether it’s the chicken or the egg is a decision for you and your partner. One directly informs on the other. And you want to know this information before you dive into any other planning efforts. 

And to avoid horror stories like, “We ordered a buffet for 150 people, but the food ran out.” “We really want XYZ, but there’s no money left for it…now we can’t have the wedding we want.”

What do you think?  Did you decide on a budget or a guest list first?

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