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Easton: Toddler & Family Portrait

I had a shoot with Easton several months ago and it went really well. So well that I got to do it again yesterday.  I was a little nervous as the weather was doing this weird misting rain (in direct contradiction to what the weather report was) and – you never *quite* know how your pictures are going to turn out when kids, toddlers and pets are involved.

So the weather was sort of gross and then Easton didn’t quite want to pose for us.  He was very interested in exploring for his own purposes (imagine that in a toddler!).  So I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

You would think after years of pre-shoot nervousness and wonderful results that I wouldn’t get nervous anymore.

So without further ado, here are some of the shots from Easton’s shoot.

Toddler & Family Portrait in Charlotte, NC toddler_family-portrait_charlotte_nc-6 toddler_family-portrait_charlotte_nc-5 toddler_family-portrait_charlotte_nc-4 toddler_family-portrait_charlotte_nc-3 toddler_family-portrait_charlotte_nc-2 toddler_family-portrait_charlotte_nc-1 charlotte-nc-family-portrait toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-1 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-15 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-14 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-13 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-12 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-10 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-9 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-8 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-7 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-6 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-5 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-4 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-3 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-2 toddler-family-portrait_charlotte-nc-1

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